About the Book(s)
Ed Black has built two worlds for himself: the real world with the company he founded and the woman he loves, and the dream world created from all his life experiences, both real or imaginary.

When a spirit inhabiting Ed's stereo steals his life in the real world, he finds himself stumbling through the bizarre world of his imagination. The search begins for the Checkered Scissors, a tool believed to cut between worlds.

Unfortunately, the owner of the Scissors lost them when he accidentally stumbled into the real world. Worlds apart, they must find their way back before the nightmarish Mr. Pinkerton, a mad scientist who loathes everything about Ed and his world, gets his sinister hands on the Checkered Scissors.

Checkered Scissors, Douglas Schwartz's first novel, is a whimsical, light fantasy.
Checkered Scissors


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