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Checkered Scissors

Ed Black has built two worlds for himself: the real world with the company he founded and the woman he loves, and the dream world created from all his life experiences, both real or imaginary.

When a spirit inhabiting Ed\'s stereo steals his life in the real world, he finds himself stumbling through the bizarre world of his imagination. The search begins for the Checkered Scissors, a tool believed to cut between worlds.

Unfortunately, the owner of the Scissors lost them when he accidentally stumbled into the real world. Worlds apart, they must find their way back before the nightmarish Mr. Pinkerton, a mad scientist who loathes everything about Ed and his world, gets his sinister hands on the Checkered Scissors.

Checkered Scissors, Douglas Schwartz\'s first novel, is a whimsical, light fantasy.

A Checkered Scissors Christmas
During the holiday season after the release of Checkered Scissors, I posted this story on my blog as a supplemental story that explores how some of the main characters might spend their holidays. Enjoy!

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Pickled Bananas and Other Schwartz Stories

Pickled Bananas and other Schwartz Stories is a collection of quirky short fiction from the mind of Douglas Schwartz. Fourteen imaginative tales, each with unique characters and situations. From a young girl exploring many lands to find ingredients for the ultimate sandwich, to a heartbroken guy winning back his girlfriend with the help of a lobster keychain, these unique \"Schwartz\" stories will entertain readers of all ages.

Summary of Short Stories

Easter Eggs
I like to work little nuggets of information into my stories. I enjoy a good Easter egg hunt, don\'t you?

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Wyrd World II (Anthology)

An anthology of short stories by an international collection of science-fiction and fantasy writers, covering a wide range of what is known as speculative fiction, from slices of fantasy and time travel to steampunk and science-fiction. The tales vary widely, yet are all born from the same drive to create, share ideas and above all to entertain:

Steph Bennion -- Rock Of Ages
Ubiquitous Bubba -- Humanity Was Delicious
A.L. Butcher -- Free Will
and The Joy Of Socks
Clark Graham -- The Object in the Lake
Ross Harrison -- Kira part 2: Horizon
L.J. Hick -- Irrevocable
Josh Karaczewski -- Changing Everything
Peter Lean -- Gy
Stan Morris -- Sasha and the Collared Girl
Michael Puttonen -- The Diner
Laurel A. Rockefeller -- Poisoned Ground
Douglas Schwartz -- A World Taken Over
Neil Shooter -- Homeless
and The Visitor
Barbara G.Tarn -- Guisarme
Zach Tyo -- My Last Day
L.L. Watkin -- The Colonial Plague
Victoria Zigler -- Quest for the Purple Pumpkin



When the TARDIS is stuck in space in the path of an oncoming planet, the Doctor enlists the help of an astronomer. Will he be able to move the Old Girl in time? Or, will she become a spectacular addition to this year\'s meteor shower?

Jammed is a work of original fan fiction.


More Than Dalek

Although he is briefly referenced, this is not a story about the Doctor. This is a story that explores the Daleks more in depth. If the Daleks were to tell each other a scary tale, what kind of monster would their stories contain?

More Than Dalek is a work of original fan fiction.


Party Trap

H2G2 and Douglas Adams have inspired my style of writing. This story explores what I have pondered about other encounters with the remarkable Guide.

In this story, a man in prison is sent on a mission to embellish an entry for the Guide. This story involves unique characters from the series of books with only the Guide itself as the zen diagram overlap. Enjoy!

Party Trap is a work of original fan fiction.


Muggle Studies

In the US, middle-aged muggle, Tony Wilson, has finally received his calling as a wizard. He learns about his newly discovered magical abilities while taking on the role of the muggle studies teacher. While Tony teaches about the lives of muggles, the staff at the school study Tony to learn more about his latent magical abilities. This story is for all who await their calling.

Muggle Studies is a work of original fan fiction.


Self-Made Witch

The story is about a young woman who teaches herself magic, is on trial for exposing magic to muggles, and must defend herself. The story is more sci-fi than fantasy, but will leave you believing that anything is possible in the world of magic and miracles. This is a short story told of elsewhere in the universe of Harry Potter, and involves a unique set of characters.

Self-Made Witch is a work of original fan fiction.


A Rarity, Artley

The story of Danny Artley, a young artist struggling for recognition and acceptance.

This tale is dedicated to all the rarities in the world. To all the dreamers, weirdos, whackos, strange agents,...pretty much anyone who sees the world differently and feels like they need to explain their unique vision to the rest of the world. To all the artists, authors, musicians, poets, scientists, sculptors, and so on, who give that unique vision definition and clarity. To all the shunned, ignored, misunderstood, forgotten,...This tale is for you. Enjoy!

(Approximately 14,500 words)


Spilt Milk

Doug Schwartz collaborates with Austin illustrator Jordan Beckvonpeccoz on their first children\'s book, Spilt Milk!

When a small girl with a big imagination plays around the dinner table, the milk spills and floods the town! Join Monkey Pants and her worrisome brother, Anson Pants, as they seek a way to clean up the milk flood. If anyone can overcome circus folk coming to take her away or surfing cows seeking revenge, it\'s Monkey Pants and her creative problem-solving abilities.

Sample Art

This was the first sample artwork for the book. When I started working with Jordan Beckvonpeccoz, I knew I found an awesome illustrator!

Coloring Pages
Check out the Spilt Milk coloring pages!

Just click the link above. Download it, print it, and decorate it as you wish. When you are done, post it to social media with the hashtag \"spiltmilk\". If you share your wonderful creation with me, I can share it with others or display it on this site. Have fun!

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