This is one author's way of helping other authors. Want to share some good karma?

Karma: If you do something good, something good will happen to you, and vice versa.

While connecting with other authors via social media, I have realized I am not always good at helping them in return. I do not always share enough of my time to get to know other authors and their works better. I admire all of us who take time to craft something special and send it out into the universe. The universe is a much bigger and better place because of us, but I can only explore so much while trying to contribute my own portion. So, I've created this page to help give back to the authors who have helped me in various ways. Thank you, fellow writers!

Responses will be posted to the links off of this page. Once posted, I will share it via social media. If you include your email address, I will send you the link when it is available. I encourage you to share the link via your own social media to help maximize exposure. I will take special requests to coordinate with various events if you would like me to share the inteview along side a scheduled release. Your patience and willingness to participate is much appreciated.

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20 Questions with Authors:

(For authors) Talk about yourself and your work(s) by filling out this web form interview.
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20 Questions with Characters:

(For authors) Interview one of your characters in order to show a unique perspective of your story.
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20 Questions with Readers:

(For readers) Share your reading habits with authors by filling out this web form interview.
Answer the reader interview questions.
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Three Page Reviews:

(For anyone) Provide your first impression of someone's story.
Review your first impression of someone's story.
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Legacy Interviews:

These are older interviews and reviews before an upgrade to the interview process.
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Tools of the Trade:

Below is a list of writing books I've found most useful for developing my skills as an author:
The Anatomy of Story by John Truby
A fantastic step-by-step guide for mastering the craft of storytelling.
The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them) by Jack Bickham
It's exactly what the title says. A very useful book.
The 10% Solution by Ken Rand
A self-editing guide for anyone who writes (stories, essays, technical manuals, etc.).
On Writing by Stephen King
Details the history of Stephen King becoming a professional author, how he recovered from his near fatal hit-and-run, and his writing tips.
The Bugaboo Review by Sue Sommer
A reference book for all the word pairs writers commonly confuse.
Elements of Fiction Writing by various
Each book in this series targets a particular aspect of fiction writing: character development, dialog, scene, plot, etc.. Some are more informative and entertaining, while others are dry, textbooks, but each is very useful.