About the Book(s)
An anthology of short stories by an international collection of science-fiction and fantasy writers, covering a wide range of what is known as speculative fiction, from slices of fantasy and time travel to steampunk and science-fiction. The tales vary widely, yet are all born from the same drive to create, share ideas and above all to entertain:

Steph Bennion -- Rock Of Ages
Ubiquitous Bubba -- Humanity Was Delicious
A.L. Butcher -- Free Will
and The Joy Of Socks
Clark Graham -- The Object in the Lake
Ross Harrison -- Kira part 2: Horizon
L.J. Hick -- Irrevocable
Josh Karaczewski -- Changing Everything
Peter Lean -- Gy
Stan Morris -- Sasha and the Collared Girl
Michael Puttonen -- The Diner
Laurel A. Rockefeller -- Poisoned Ground
Douglas Schwartz -- A World Taken Over
Neil Shooter -- Homeless
and The Visitor
Barbara G.Tarn -- Guisarme
Zach Tyo -- My Last Day
L.L. Watkin -- The Colonial Plague
Victoria Zigler -- Quest for the Purple Pumpkin
Wyrd World II (Anthology)

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2018-07-25 06:29:49
It has been far too long since I have updated what has been going on. What has been going on?That's enough for now. Remind me to tell you next time about my name tag.
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