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Major Website Changes

Over the last couple of weeks, I have made numerous changes to the Checkered Scissors website. This all started with my decision to establish freelancing services. Originally, I had a page with some links to sample documents in my freelance portfolio. It was not presented well. I migrated that information and organized it under a new "Freelance" portion of the website. That move opened a can of worms.

Earlier, I migrated my blog from Live Journal to the website. The blog was on a sub-page. It was alright where it was, but it never looked like it was part of the website. Might as well migrate the blog to the main site while I establish the Freelance portion, too.

With the blog finding a new home on the main page, I couldn't just orphan the Karma content, which was also disconnected from the main site. Sure, Karma, you can come along, too. Since I was moving all of the Karma content to the main site, I did leave behind the archived interviews. They are still available, but I left those behind to give a fresh start.

Whoa! This is a lot of content shuffling around! How do I accommodate so many changes to the main page? (Sigh) Okay...I guess I better overhaul the menu system to make things (somewhat) easier to maintain going forward. The new menu system allows much more freedom for manipulating the content in the three panes of the main page. Hurray for innovation!

With the new menu system, I took the opportunity to compartmentalize the Fiction section. Now, my written works are grouped by the type of content: novels, children's stories, Schwart' fiction, Fan Fiction and so on. I've even created other categories if I ever venture out into other types of fiction, like interactive fiction or experimental fiction. Keep an eye out for new categories of fiction. I'm still adding a backlog of older works to the site. So exciting!

Besides the additional content to Fiction, there are several other changes I will be working on. Most of the other changes are more behind the scenes stuff and the presentation of the site on mobile and tablet devices.

While I am making these changes, is there anything you would like to see? Is there anything I can add to furhter help you?

If you want to keep up with any other changes or additions, it is best to follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I will be highlighting the areas of additional content on social media. Stay tuned!

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