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Reviews of Spilt Milk:Spilt Milk

"I loved it!

This is an adorable book. Perfect in tone and subject matter for children, entertaining for adults reading along with them. I had a smile on my face the whole time I read this book. I also loved the illustrations, which are fresh and delightful, and the snarky little-plays-on-words like Monkey Pants, Smarty Pants and Anson Pants. Spilt Milk gives a whole new meaning to the expressions, "Don't cry over spilt milk!" and "Is it a crime to spill milk?" 5 stars!"
Julia Krantz
(February 12, 2018)

"Come along for a whimsical adventure of Monkey Pants. Always on the outlook to have fun, Monkey Pants does not pay attention to her brother's warning on the consequences of spilt milk. Come on seriously what is so wrong about spilt milk?

The glorious imagination of Monkey Pants takes the reader and child on a journey of sharing what happens next before turning the page. A skill imperative to developing a child's imagination and creativity and Doug Schwartz does a terrific job in formulating such an experience. The crayon child-like illustrations by Jordan Beckvonpeccoz add to the allure of Spilt Milk, which is sure to become a go to book for bookshelves across the globe."
Donna M. McDine
(February 10, 2018)

"...just too adorable and shows what big, wonderful imaginations kids (and this author) have!..."
Eugenia Chu
(May 17, 2018)
Hello! Welcome to Checkered Scissors, the website of author Doug Schwartz.

Doug's family-friendly fantasy stories are filled with hope and possibility. Using a simplistic style, he spins common words into abstract concepts. Doug blends ideas to develop colorful characters who find creative solutions to obscure challenges, resulting in adventures that are quirky, whimsical fun. Heavily influenced by British media, he draws inspiration from sources like Neil Gaiman, Monty Python, and Doctor Who, to name a few. Doug's unique style of writing compliments the works of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett.

Doug's books are available on Amazon and on this website under the 'Fiction' tab. Be sure to follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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